Thursday, January 6

better late than swap

Too late to actually join, but the idea is the same. In no particular order:

"Enemy" - Eve 6
Can't get this shit off my mind/I just wanna be all right/So just tell me nothing's wrong/Then get undressed and spend the night

"Where is My Mind" - The Pixies

"Should've Been a Cowboy" - Toby Keith
Haven't you been told?/California's full of whiskey, women, and gold/Should've been a cowboy/should've learned to rope and ride/wearing my six-shooter/riding my pony on a cattle drive/stealing the young girls' hearts

"I Touch Myself" - Eve 6
We definitely don't condone or promote masturbation in any way; we definitely don't do it ourselves. I personally find it disgusting. It grosses me out. I just don't get it. Maybe if I got it, that would be one thing, but I don't understand it. I understand the bottom line though, I always remember the bottom line. I want you. I don't want anybody else, it's just the way I am. And when I think about you I tend to...

"Lie to Me" - Jonny Lang
Tell me that you'll never leave/I'll just try to make believe that everything you're telling me is true/Come on, baby, won't you just lie to me

"The Calendar Hung Itself" - Bright Eyes
Does he lay awake listening to your breath/worried you smoke too many cigarettes/is he coughing now on a bathroom floor/I settled for a telephone saying into your machine/You are my sunshine, my only sunshine/You make me happy/when skies are gray/you make me happy/when skies are gray and gray and gray

"Dust on the Bottle" - David Lee Murphy
After all these years there's one thing I've found/some say good love is like a fine wine/it keeps getting better as the days go by

"Anyone, Anyone" - Dashboard Confessional
I must be out of touch/I won't ask you to give up on the things that seem to keep you gone/but I could be gone too/feel a little sorry/sometimes you're not here when I am writing/feels a little awkward/sometimes you won't talk but we're not fighting

"Red Light" - Jonny Lang
You think of home while sitting at a redlight/Too slow to roll, put your life on hold/you start to wonder why you're sitting at a redlight/You could run a redlight/Give up at a redlight/Speeding through your whole life/A chance to breathe while sitting at a redlight

"Holy Water" - Big & Rich
Everything would shine wherever she would go/but looking at her now you'd never tell/someone ran away with her innocence/a memory she can't get out of her head/I can only imagine what she's feeling when she's praying/kneeling at the edge of her bed/and she says, "take me away"

"Defying Gravity" - Wicked
Dreams the way we'd planned them/if we work in tandem/there's no fight we cannot win/just you and I, defying gravity/they'll never bring us down

"When I'm Gone" - 3 Doors Down
There's another world inside of me that you may never see/somewhere in this darkness there's a light I can't find/maybe it's too far away/or maybe I'm just blind/so hold me when I'm here/love me when I'm wrong/hold me when I'm scared/and love me when I'm gone/I'll never let you down/even if I could/I'd give up everything/if only for your good

"Sincerely, Me" - Better than Ezra
And I miss you/and the things you do/the time we had, the good and bad/the day we met that I can't forget/Signed, sincerely, me

"Open Fire (Ana's Song)" - Silverchair
You're my obsession/I love you to the bones/and ana wrecks your life/like an anorexia life

Toby maintains that the only songs on his would be Lit's "My Own Worst Enemy" and The Angry Worms' "Canada is Really Big." I keep telling him that a satirical song about Canada can't be about him. He says, "Metaphor, duh." (Favorite lyric: When you get down to it, you'll find out what the truth is/it isn't what you do with it, it's the size that counts.)


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