Friday, December 10

extended family christmas email "saga"

First of all, let me express my severe shock in being included in this at all, though mostly just as a spectator. I didn't even expect to be invited, much less kinda-sorta involved in the planning. Here we go:

As far as the gift exchange goes . . . my gift will be my presents, but my presence may not be a gift . . . ponder that for awhile.

I'm hoping B and Jenny can bring the fudge just to see if it makes them break out in hives or something. What would Christmas be without Chocolate? I'm not sure how but I think Chocolate used to be part of the the name of the holiday. Somehow we got left with just the Ch.

[Paul] is the kid who waited up till Gary was ready to do Santa and he wanted to ride along that year cause his friends said that Santa was his dad! When told to go to bed, he said “But Dad I’m going with you to deliver the gifts to all the boys and girls!”

Patrice, I think Deb was trying to impress everyone with big words. She meant that as a compliment. Infamous: Known widely and favorably. We were never real good with vocabulary. That's why I mostly stick with four letter words. I know what most of them mean.

Rule #394: You all have to stay until my lights come on. You might want to bring a book to read or something.

I think they are all old enough (and mature enough) to do a Dirty Santa
type thing...(oh did I say "mature"...based on observing the older adults in
this activity, I might consider taking "mature" out of the requirements!)

Ok, I hope the "mature" comment was not aimed at me. . . cuz if it was
the next time I see you, Susie, I'm gonna sit on your fat little head until
you say your sorry, then if we get into a fight and Mom catches us, I'm
gonna scream, "Susie started it!! Susie started it!!" and you'll be SORRRRRY
then, for sure.

You may think you're hot snot, but you're just a cold booger in a heat

This explains the whole event perfectly:
"Looks like Christmas threw up in here!"


Blogger Michael said...

Hey Julian, Hope all is well with you. I haven't heard from you in a long time. I miss ya man. Please email me sometime. I'd love to hear from you again. You know how to get ahold of me. Irishremix8406

December 10, 2004 at 1:45 PM  

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