Thursday, November 11

why i don't eat

Just kidding. People like this are more likely why I hate everyone and would've made a great MSNBC special about people who shoot up schools. Ok, that was supposed to be flippant but I don't think it turned out that way. Sorry.

StatueInAnHour: I am easily annoyed by gay men who seem to think they are more intelligent, intersting, deep, and important than the general population...
StatueInAnHour: Especially when they dont have the looks to back it up.
StatueInAnHour: Later kid.

And to think he quoted Wicked in his profile like he was good enough for it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what is your screen name these days, darling?
it would be nice to have a two-directional conversation with ye now and then, eh? ;-)
love you,
smile on the outside(libster834jc, by the way)

November 11, 2004 at 8:33 PM  

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