Monday, October 25

women who hate men

I spoke to a girl today who had a lot to say, mostly including such quips as "well of course you'd feel that way, you do have a Y chromosome." She informed me that men were all arrogant assholes, that we thought she was a whore if she fucked us and a bitch if she wouldn't. I looked shocked and told her I wasn't interested.

I asked her if she was a feminist and, like the fucking situation, didn't know which answer I wanted--either way she lost. I crossed my fingers she would say no, because feminism doesn't need any more man-hating to bring it down. I prayed she'd say yes so I wouldn't have to point out that she was an idiot.

She told me she hated men because they were sexist. I pointed out that if she hated men for being sexist, she was being sexist and therefore hated herself. She said she was not a feminist. I told her she was stupid.

She corrected my grammar on more than one occasion and I asked her why she was so insecure. She told me she wasn't, but you only get nitpicky like that when you have something to prove. I reminded her that I sign, therefore I'm dealing with different grammatical rules on a regular basis and get to have some confusion. "That's something you learn in third grade," she said, and continued, "and if you call me stupid again I'll really make you feel like a moron."

I asked her if she learned that in preschool, the false bravado and threats, and she corrected some other grammatical error. I bid her goodnight. She called me a jackass, the kind of man that treats women like doormats, and used that little "warn" button that AOL thought was such a great idea but I've never seen it used for good.

And so I sit here, blinking in total confusion. I was a good sport through all the man-hating, but everyone-hating (anti-feminism) is just something I can't tolerate. I would apologize for it but I think it's a fairly standard view.

Looking for intelligent life is hard work and I'm exhausted.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

poor sad little girl... she's probably one of the 'perpetually single' who gets a little bitter about it and won't let it go. lol... i just wanna be like, 'chill out my friend- it's not so bad once you get used to it...' oh, small minds... how i love to squish them. :-P
smile on the outside

October 25, 2004 at 6:48 AM  

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