Saturday, October 9

to bum a fag

Quick note: If the phrase "ass fucking" ever comes up in conversation, make sure to sound completely disgusted and put a lot of emphasis on ass.

"Bumming a fag" sounds a lot like an euphemism for ass fucking.

Asking a gay person to bum you a fag will offend someone.

I personally see it as much more productive to "take back a word" blah blah blah, "make it yours" by switching to Brit slang than by using it on each other and therefore just agreeing with a bigot's view of your subgroup ('friendly' use of nigger, anyone?). Agreeing with KKKers or lung cancer, which is better?

(No one would bum me a fag. They just laughed. Seriously, though, all bumming aside--I needed a fucking fag.)


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Um, hello. Write!

October 19, 2004 at 2:44 AM  

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