Monday, October 25

if you don't have a pop-up blocker...

You might recognize the image on the new banner.

Yes, it is definitely from your lovely friends at iFriends--the "I could be porn, but maybe I'm not, let's see if you can guess from our ads!" site. Half the time it's "Live webcam fucking!" and the rest of the time it's sweet pictures of men and women hugging with muted hues that say things like, "Meet your life partner at iFriends."

Anyway. Change is good and all that. Tired of that depressing after diana died shit.

(This sounds like a Xanga entry. Shoot me.)

p.s. I also thought putting breasts on my site would increase hits. Just saying the word breasts will probably increase them. I also think it'd be a good irony for some horny straight guy to search for "knockers," show up on my site, and then find himself reading about (shhh!) gay sex.

If you are that straight man, you are probably saying "holy shit!" while I am laughing.

This really is just a plot directly from the homosexual agenda to convert red-blooded American homophobes into musical-listening fairies. (Tink's an ass, guys. Stay away from her.) And, um, your homework is to be attracted to a man tonight!


Blogger Michael said...

You never cease to amaze me with your wit and humor. Had to stop laughing before I could even think of something to say to this one.

Love ya man and hope all is well.
Think you have time to get online soon?!?! I miss ya.

October 26, 2004 at 1:46 PM  
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