Thursday, October 28

fabulous by choice

On the ana boards a boy has the signature "born gay, fabulous by choice." His goal weight is 120 pounds. He is the same height as me. I almost puked and then killed myself when I read this.

I don't approve of people who think it's ok to use the word "fabulous" as an adjective to describe a person or thing. It is an adjective to describe abstract things if you have to say it at all--fabulous weather, fabulous mood, fucking fabulous day. On rare occassions, you can use it to describe sex, but only if neither of you are fairy gay.

It's ok, though, because in the ana world his idiocy doesn't matter since I weigh 35 pounds less than his goal weight (putting me at a good 70 lbs less than his current). Now I just have to survive it.


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