Wednesday, September 1

you asshole you

So I just took one of my favorite blogs off my favorite list. (Not you, Keith, so don't get worked up or anything. :])

I felt very unappreciated there. I know that's kind of stupid considering it's a blog with a rather large readership, lots of comments, etc; but it started to get on my nerves that I would comment...someone else would comment after me, say the same damn thing I said, and they would get all the praise for the great ideas or whatever. Anytime someone actually responded to something I said, it was in a condescending manner.

So here's my apology: Sorry I don't have a fuckin Ph.D. and know everything about everything like apparently all of you do and sorry I apparently have terrible grammar and terrible spelling and all that shit (English is not my current language) and...oh yeah, I'm a faggot who didn't graduate high school so you are all so much better than me.

Now that that's over with.

I'm also pissed off at John because he continues to "correct" my signing. I haven't written about this before, I don't think, but here's the story. John took a sign class in high school. He didn't even know if he took SEE or ASL, but after watching him sign it's clear he took SEE. SEE (Signing Exact English) is just a visual representation of English, as the name implies. ASL (American Sign Language) is a visual language based off of French Sign Language. It has nothing, grammatically or vocabularily (I made up that word), to do with English. It's a lot easier to translate any kind of sign into a verbal language because they are two different mediums; you can associate a sign with a word instead of a word with an object (i.e.; when you do the sign 'cat' you may think of the word 'cat,' but you are more likely to associate 'gato' with the cat itself). That makes it easier for people to think that ASL is the same as English grammatically.

It's not.

English/SEE: "I am mad at John."

ASL: "I mad John I."

English/SEE: "I don't know." (Three different words/signs)

ASL: "Dunno." (One sign)

English/SEE: "Are you coming with me?"

ASL: "You come you?" (A question denoted by tilt of the head, eyebrow thing I can't really explain because I just do it)

You understand you? You better damn well because I'm getting tired of trying to translate ASL because if you are fluent enough it gets more difficult.

Back to John. Me and John, signing too each other. John [verbally]: "What did you say?"

Me [verbally]: "I don't know."

John: "No, it's [signs SEE I don't know]."

Me [signing]: No no no, SEE [his sign]. ["But" face] ASL, [my sign]

John: No no no, [his sign]

Me: You sign SEE you. Me sign ASL.

John: SEE and ASL are the same.


I explained to him two nights ago that they are not the same, and why they are different. Me: You airhead! Different, different!

John: No, you are wrong.

???? Taking a class does not make you an expert, eh? Using the language your entire life makes you more of an expert, eh? I told him that whatever the hell he was saying was akin to him saying to a Mexican, "You're wrong. It's not 'gracias,' it's 'thank you.'"

In Spanish it's gracias. In ASL it's you asshole you.


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