Monday, August 16

Women (and men who act like them) have this habit of, when things are going pretty good between all parties involved, saying something really shitty and BAM. There it is.

No, this isn't only about who you think it is. Depending on who you are, it isn't about who you think it is.

It's probably all just me. But really, this is one of those things like: how stupid can the general public really be? Don't call an anorectic fat; don't brag about how much weight you've lost (especially if it's of questionable nature as well); don't talk about your great new diet and how much weight you're about to lose. Just don't even go there.

Maybe it's just because the closest friends of mine are happy being whatever shape they are (like I'm in a proper mindset to label it) and eat whatever the hell they want and can then say without being a hypocrite, Eat! Don't worry about it! You're perfect! No one cares!

In the real world people care and I'm not as sheltered as I should be. So as long as the first ad I see is a weight-loss one, I'll be in the competition. As long as people who 'care' are talking about how small their clothes are, mine will be smaller and as long as you are telling me how much goddamned weight you've lost, I'll lose more. Not so hard to understand, is it? Anorectics are a bitchy bunch. All the estrogen.

Still 30 pounds to go.


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