Thursday, August 5

why i love kale

Sailors G a m e: Part of me still believes that emotional attachments are equal to weakness.
hazeltwinkle24: hmmmm where does that come from
Sailors G a m e: That comes from the part of my life-story where everyone I loved died and I was left with nothing but debilitating grief.
Sailors G a m e: But they always skip that part in the slanderous biographies.
hazeltwinkle24: so you like control in life?
Sailors G a m e: Control is essential in my life.
Sailors G a m e: If I were not a conquerer I would have been killed long ago.
Sailors G a m e: There is one person in this world I have come to trust (which Is kind of strange, considering at one point both of us believed I was trying to kill him). He has a ridiculous amount of money, but his power comes from his compassion.
Sailors G a m e: People love him and serve him because he loved and served them first.
hazeltwinkle24: how sweet to hear
Sailors G a m e: He's also the only person I know who doesn't abuse the power he has been given. He might not even know he has it.
hazeltwinkle24: and that to me is the reason he has such respect
hazeltwinkle24: something money can't buy
Sailors G a m e: Yes.
Sailors G a m e: He is my opposite, I suppose. Next to me, he looks all the better, and next to him, I look all the worse. Maybe by ourselves we would just be two men, one nicer than the other?
hazeltwinkle24: sounds like you wish you were more like him in ways
Sailors G a m e: Everyone wishes they were more like him.
Sailors G a m e: He's happy. Who doesn't want that?
hazeltwinkle24: very true
Sailors G a m e: There are those in life who bring up every emotion you didn't know you had. Jealousy, fear, weakness, compassion...but most of all it's love. And you hate that you love them, because you wish you were them (or maybe you imagine that you are so much like them that it is narcisstic to love them). Zeke is that man. Jesus was one of those men.

(Maybe I should've titled this post 'why i love zeke,' but I really don't all that much.)


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