Thursday, August 12

So this has been an absolutely wonderful morning.

Note sarcasm.

I get up. It's fairly imperative that I go get horse food this morning. It's not that they will starve to death or anything, but it needs to happen. My horse is cranky because I haven't grained her in a few days; boarders are starting to complain; etc, etc. I'm dressed, hardcore in black jeans and green Chuck Taylors, and walking out the door late (late, you see, because I had to get there and back before a certain time). Just like a horror movie, what I see stops me dead in my tracks.

Fucking flat tire.


That is not fucking normal to have to fill up your tires every three days and then they go flat anyway!

When Toby gets back from work I am taking money from my bank account and getting four new tires, leaving me with exactly $3.38 to my name. It'll buy me a gallon of gas and enough left over for a McChicken, if I was still eating.


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