Wednesday, August 18

So I'll go ahead and plug another site. I was looking at my own and going, "wt[Sam Hill] is all this [stuff] doing [sitting] around on my [...] site?!!" (Hey, someone told me I cuss too much. Blame it on Toby.) Anyway I'm about to clean up some links that I don't visit anymore and all that. So before I do it, go visit Gay Penguin for America because I laugh everytime he updates, which isn't often enough for me to really care that much, but it's still worthwhile.

Gay Penguin walks away from loud, scary people, as well as any natural predator, such as the terrorist Leopard Seal, which eats penguins alive because it "hates freedom".

Those damn leopard seals and their freedom-hating!

(I will not comment on the punctuational error. Seriously. I will control myself. I will I will I will.)

Two posts in five minutes. I think I deserve another gold star!


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