Friday, August 20

I'm a member of the community [anti_feminism on lj] you're talking about, and while I whole-heartedly agree/accept gender equality, I'm against radical feminists- the women who lead the movement. That's the reason I'm a part of the community, and while you as an individual probably don't have a hidden agenda- a lot of leading feminists do.
Because it's usually a really good idea to a) assume that people have hidden agendas that you know nothing about and b) be against an entire group because of a few weirdos.

If I thought that way, I would be anti-feminist, anti-Christian, anti-religion, anti-man, anti-woman, anti-gay, anti-straight, anti-white, anti-black, anti-.....oh, that list will never end.

I wonder if they see the irony? They are saying that feminism is baseless while giving a base to it by discriminating against women who seek equality.

(Alas, a Blog pointed me to the anti-feminist craziness.)

And another nice tidbit from anti_feminism:

I'm a chicka, but I think women just need to realize men with always be the dominant sex and stop complaining.


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