Thursday, August 12

disjointed thoughts

I. This kid is so much like me it's kind of weird. I called him a kid, even though the person I am during this post is younger than him.

(What did I just say?)

II. I think my boyfriend has tapes of us doing things. You know. "Things." This bothers me a lot less than it should, so blame yaoi-loving hentai girls.

III. These are not the normal kind of disjointed thoughts. These are the disoriented thoughts of a crazed person on day two of no food. Capiche?

IV. One two three four I would kill for some pie right now.

V. (Edit) Blogger apparently doesn't like my html link skills. Funny, that's how they've been doing it for years, but Blogger wants to go and change the rules. Fine then. Be that way.


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