Wednesday, July 21

dinner at the rainey residence

Toby: "So this guy comes up to these women and says, 'you two are nothing but fucking lesbians' and tells them how much he hates gays and queers....and then so the officer comes and says the damn tags are expired on that hotline complaint--"

Me: "Wait, what the fuck are you talking about? How did we go from lesbians to hotline complaints?"

Toby: "That's how my day went, ok."

Luke: "Two chiggers got married on my penis yesterday."

All: "Shit, Luke, we didn't want to know that."

Phil: "If I get this horse, can you take care of it for me?"

Me: "I don't have the money to pay for your horse."

Luke: "Chiggers!"

Phil: "Guess that means we won't be having sex for awhile. So this horse is a buckskin with a palomino mane--"

Me: "That's a palomino."

Phil: "Well, whatever. It has four legs."

Toby: "No shit? Four legs? That isn't standard on a horse."

Luke: "This is a metaphor for our relationship!"

Phil: "What is?"

Luke: "The chiggers!"

Toby: "Jules, did you know that horses had four legs these days?"

Phil: "Are you going to finish that?"


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March 20, 2006 at 12:03 PM  

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