Tuesday, May 18

A quick word about the whole Blogger upgrade, and stuff:

I'm still dealing with all these exciting changes (what? it actually occurred to them how much easier it would be to have the comments/permalinks/etc come directly from them instead of some third party? Praise Jesus!), and by "dealing with" I mean I'm looking at my index, thinking "shit I need to fix that," and then going back to playing Spider Solitaire because I'm a lazy bum. Basically, I'll get around to switching the comments over to the Blogger ones instead of Haloscan, which will hopefully be easier and better for everyone. I already took a big step and put the permalink code back in my page (which I screwed up before 'cause, well, I'm dumb, and I was confused about what the hell I was doing...just started deleting things in the template. That's how men work, right? Don't read the directions, just do stuff and hope it doesn't blow up?).

That's not such a quick word. It's a lot of words. I'm done now. Have a good night.

10:29 is way past my bedtime.

ily ily, baby.


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