Tuesday, May 11

in the quiet world my hands
say ages and timeless thumps you
never heard right, but your hands
never learned
and all your words are used up.

when i am convenient you
mumble, trying to stay under the radar,
you mumble that you love me
you love me outloud, if you could

most of the time i say
I LOVE YOU 32 1/3 times
and you breathe the air
that belongs to you and
someone else, my long-
distance lover i wrote about
so much and so little

one day a month from now
i will only have five left
at the end of the day,
but instead of saying
ILY 1 1/3 times,

i will say very
loud: "you used up
your words." and
mine will be
bullets that rip
through vulnerable

i hang up the phone
so you won't hear my breath
ragged and wet.


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