Monday, April 5

What if? is there again.

Thanks to Alanna (shut up, I've read the books about ten times, and despite the horrible cover art I still love them). Quick overview: Alanna is a girl pretending to be a boy in able to become a night. Blah blah blah, she tells someone; he falls in love with her rather predictably (but still wonderfully!), blah blah blah. And I love this world they are in. I love the idea of "the Gift" (magic), and I've used a similar idea in several of my storylines, but for some reason it never went as far as being a mirror to the whole process of becoming a knight.

Because, and here's the what if?: What if Alanna really was the Alan she pretended to be, and this boy fell in love with him anyway? Is there a place for boys in love even in this foreign land?

'Tis always the question. I'll let you know how it goes.

(Oh, and when I asked a nearly identical what if about Ender, the answer was yes. Maybe I'll tell you about Sarez, Sailor, and the escape from one of the grandest Government Conspiracies ever.)


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