Friday, April 9

Wax on, wax off.

Cars and other things.

My libido has dropped like a 90 year old man without his Viagra. I mean, ok, granted, it came on like a 90 year old man on Viagra -- but I was kind of enjoying it, where did it go?

(That's an easily answered question. Cause and effect. I'm so much like a damn woman it's depressing.)

Toby's being mad-emo ("Fucking Bright Eyes," he says, "Yeah, I'm so hardcore") and maybe driving me a little crazy, but here goes the song of the moment:

Yeah, you still kiss me
But it's just on the cheek
You pull away too easily

And I still call you,
but I get your machine
And if I'm lucky, I guess,
it's your roommate answering
but you're at the bar

We go to dinner,
but you won't hold my hand
We sit at the same table
but we don't play with our feet

Yeah, we still go to dinner sometime
But we don't sneak a kiss
when the waitress turns around

And we still watch movies
but we don't share the couch
Yeah, we still watch movies sometimes
but you don't lay in my lap

The plot is slow, take a nap

And you even stay over
but we stay in our clothes
I'm only there so you're not alone

You say that I hurt you
in a voice like a prayer

Yeah, well maybe I hurt you some
let's contrast and compare
lift up your shirt
the wound isn't there

I guess that your truth
is just a ghost of your lies
I see through them all the time

So I'm pourin' some whiskey
I'm gonna get drunk
Yeah, I'm pouring myself some whiskey
I'm gonna get real fucking drunk

I'm pouring some whiskey right now
I'm gonna get so, so drunk
that I pass out
and forget your face

by the time I wake up.
That was a depressing bit of melodrama. (Heresay) Toby doesn't sound nearly as whiney as Mr. Oberst in this song; more like a cross between Better Than Ezra's acoustic "Good" and Bright Eyes' rough "I'm a depressed smoker and I think you suck!" voice a la "Waste of Paint" and "A Song to Pass the Time" (the neighborhood's damning/I smoke on the porch).


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