Friday, April 16

link via Andrew Sullivan

The funniest thing I've seen in weeks (aka idiot anti-gay organization mistakes the onion's satire for fact)

But STOP [Simply Truths Our Priority, anti-gay parents' group] argues the board is changing the curriculum and will promote a homosexual lifestyle in schools.

...Marilyn Ashworth of STOP said it's concerned the photo represents what will end up in this region's schools if the board goes ahead with its plan.

...Asked whether she believed it was a real photo, Ashworth said the caption included the teacher's name, city, state and grade.

"We researched in depth and that was one of the things we found," she said, noting the group spent seven weeks accumulating research.
Here's the Onion article, including the offending picture (as well as a lovely chart showing the increase of converted homosexuals).

From the Onion:

Emmonds credited much of the recruiting success to the gay lobby's infiltration of America's public schools, where programs promoting the homosexual lifestyle are regularly presented to children as young as 5.

..."Straight people don't have any fun," said Teddy Nance, 11, after watching Breeders Are Boring!, an anti-heterosexual filmstrip, in his fifth-grade class at Crestwood Elementary School in Roanoke, VA. "Gay people get to do whatever they want."

...Though Emmonds said gays have been tremendously successful in tearing at the fabric of society and subverting basic decency, she stressed that their work is far from over.

"For all the progress we've made, America is still overwhelmingly heterosexual," said Emmonds, who is calling for an additional $2.6 billion in federal aid to further the gay agenda. "If we are to insidiously penetrate American society, as we constantly do each other's orifices, we need more money and resources. Without such help, this country will remain the domain of decent, moral, God-fearing Christians. And that would be a sin."
Is it obvious only to me that this is satire? Anyone who thought this was real, hard fact was either a) mentally retarded or b) reaching. Really, really reaching, kind of like when I made up quotes to support my case in debate.


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