Monday, April 26

(apologies for the lack of alphabetical order; the EDed don't have great cognitive abilities)

"The Eating Disorder Dictionary, First Edition"

1.) A bulimic's paradise
2.) A good place to give up on recovery
3.) Anorectic's hell
4.) A great place to have your first binge/purge session

1.) One who does not ingest animal products
2.) Great excuse for weird eating habits

1.) Shit, did I clog the pipes again?
2.) One who fixes the pipes the bulimic clogged

1.) The enemy's camp
2.) When dragged to one, consider yourself a Prisoner Of War

bathroom [esp. in house or afore-mentioned restaurant]:
1.) Hopefully sanitary place to put your face close to the toilet
2.) Bring wipes; air freshener

1.) State of disgusting vulnerability to be avoided at all cost
2.) State allowing one to fully explore one's progress or lack thereof
3.) State allowing one to explore scars, bones, e.g.

1.) Non-existent idealistic concept that one will never experience until one achieves perfection

1.) Can only be achieved through ED measures


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