Wednesday, March 24

where the truth hurts (link via One Good Thing). Wow, this is some good entertainment. No, this entry is not meant to offend Christians in general, just these certain wack-jobs. Seriously. You'll have to laugh.

I find myself in the "Confession Booth" section of the site, and of course my first curiosity-click is on "homosexuality." I promise I'm not trying to get angry here, because when a blogger tells me it's funny, I'm prepared to laugh -- not to start a revolution.

What do I see? Blah blah blah, homosexuality is an abomination, unnatural, blah blah blah. I've heard it all before; how exciting (note sarcasm). And then:

When you eat pudding with a shovel or dig a ditch with a spoon, you are using objects contrary to their design, and harm will certainly result.
Call me crazy, but it seems here they are implying that eating pudding with a shovel/digging a ditch with a spoon is up there on the Sin-O-Meter with homosexuality. Um, Mr. Johnston, can I see a bible verse supporting that, please? Because I really like eating pudding, and I can fit my mouth around a shovel.

Oh, there was also this tidbit of wisdom:
In 1996, why did homosexuals comprise 58% of all HIV patients in the U.S., when they make up only 3% of the population?
First of all, there's some grammatical errors in that sentence, but I won't whine about that. Secondly, this seems pretty logical and obvious to me: the AIDS epidemic didn't hit full-force until the late 1900's (i.e.; 80s-ish, but don't quote me because I'm not completely sure about that). Up until then, homosexuals weren't aware there was any reason to use a condom, any reason not to have multiple sex partners (especially since society didn't allow for loving, committed relationships), no reason to get checked for a disease of such epic proportion -- because it wasn't known to exist. And, I will point out that the demographic most susceptible to AIDS are heterosexual women, while the least likely to get it are lesbians. Yet, I agree: your Merciful and Loving God created a disease to wipe out the homosexuals, just like he created sickle cell anemia to wipe out the black people.

Some animals like sheep do engage in homosexual behavior. However, this would only suggest that homosexuals have the IQ of sheep.
Yeah, that's why Alexander the Great damn near took over the world.

After which he cites statistics saying that homosexuals attempt suicide more often than other demographics. Hmmmmmm.

Leading serial killers are all homosexuals!!!
And that is why the profile for a serial killer is a middle-aged Caucasion heterosexual male. It's the gay agenda conspiring to cover up all these gay serial killers.

Other fun stuff:

Apparently Charles Stanley (not even sure who that is, but some old dude based on the picture they provide) fans are going to hell, too.

Bill Clinton...has also been...a sodomite-sympathizer.
That is a great term. "Sodomite-sympathizer." It almost makes me wish I wasn't a sodomite so I could be a sympathizer of one. Seriously, I need to get that on a t-shirt.

(Also, they say that democrats need to apologize to God and other Christians. And, again, the implication that democrats are going to hell.)

I also like how this guy stole a getty images picture (without permission, I presume) but didn't even bother to cut off the watermark -- or keep it at the thumbnailed size so it's not incredibly grainy. This is pretty ridiculous considering the picture doesn't even help his presentation whatsoever.

A picture of the whole lovely family. I know I'm going to hell for this, but his wife's cute. The fact that everyone in the family has red hair is a little creepy, though.

If you visit the site, you can learn more fun stuff, like that Islam is the devil's religion and Athiests are full of shit (ok, so I agree with him on that one).


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