Monday, March 15

Well, this explains my current condition rather articulately: "The problem here is that we haven't solved the problem. And it's been an ongoing problem." (Courtesy of Carolina Panthers' Coach Seifert.)

Gotta do something about this craziness.

Also rather enjoying old Nickness, something along the lines of:

toby's response to every situation like this is "you're just too smart for them, baby." he says, "you're smart and good-looking and successful, but you aren't boring. you've got a lot of life experience behind you. people hate that. people want to be you so they hate you."

yeah, and the royals will win the fucking world series.

I'm thinking Toby didn't actually say that because he usually makes a lot more sense.

Have you ever thought of running away? Settling down? Would you marry me, if I asked you twice and begged you pretty please?


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