Wednesday, March 24

Sitting in a high school library, Michael teases me with his words. It's one thing to get that tingly feeling in my stomach at home, even if other people are around; it's quite another to experience it with a kid I hate (who happens to revel in making fun of others) only four feet away.

I'm not going to complain, though. Not going to pretend I wouldn't drag M back to the hidden corners of the reference section to kiss him hungrily and put my hands on him and draw him close to feel my wanting--and then we are laughing and jumping away from each other as we are discovered, and probably banned from the library forever. (It would be worth it, I suspect.)

I seem to be going through a rather hormonal phase, but for once I'm ok with it. More on that at a later date.

He's writing me lovely stories that make my heart dance and my eyes like stars, twinkling and always smiling. He makes even my scars seem less harsh.

P.S. A comment on teachers (the good ones):

Phil passes a test back to his students, and over half of them received a failing grade--in a class full of students who passed last semester with high A's. He says, "I'm throwing this test out. Obviously I didn't teach very effectively or you would've done better. I'm sorry."

And he carries around a recycling bin to ceremoniously throw away the tests. "Out of sight, out of mind," he says. The class smiles with relief.

If your students are failing, you have failed.


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