Friday, March 26

Rapid AIDS test approved by FDA

One-fourth of the roughly 900,000 HIV-infected people in the United States are not aware they have the virus, according to estimates by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
That's 225,000 people with HIV that don't know it, folks. Get tested.

Scientists think circumcision leads to lower risk of HIV infection

Studies have shown that men whose foreskin has been removed are six to eight times less likely to become HIV positive but there has been some debate about the reason for the lower infection rate.
Well, so when they did this study, one can assume that every one of the 2,298 men participating had sex with the same person, at the same time, under the same conditions -- otherwise one can't very well know if the circumcised men didn't get HIV because they didn't have sex with an infected person or because their lack-of-foreskin protected them.

I'm going to take this as just another example of crazy "foreskins should all die!" talk, which I'm frankly pretty tired of (if you can't guess why, go buy a brain. I hear they're for sale at Wal-Mart).

French Jews surrender the Passion

[T]hey as Jews felt insulted by the film, which they had not seen, and were sure it would provoke anti-Semitic violence.
They haven't seen the film, eh? Then how do they know what it will or will not promote? (Ok, ok, I haven't seen Straight Plan for the Gay Man but I'm pretty sure it's offensive, but I have seen the Passion, and it wasn't.)
The dossier the brothers submitted to support their request contained several legal errors and 15 of its 36 pages were quotes from U.S. movie reviews and an American book in English, which the judge said the court could not accept.

"Everybody speaks English, don't they?" Patrick Benlolo replied.
All I have to say: LMAO. This is almost as bad as that old bag suing McDonald's over her hot coffee.

Texan confesses to murder after seeing Passion

Leach wanted to seek redemption after talking to a friend and seeing the movie about the last hours of Christ's life, she said.

Surprise, surprise, another celebrity breakup: Tom and Penelope

Damn, I really wanted them to get married, if only so she could be called "Penelope Cruz-Cruise."


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